Here at Riflestock we take rifle stocks creation very seriously as we use entire trees to create a walnut gun stock or hardwood blank that will help you improve your gun. We also provide refined stocks for rifles, shotguns ang guns allowing rifle owners to take pride with the best rifle stocks they can find .

Since 1989, we have long been in business, we have over 25 years of countrywide trading experience and we take pride in producing top quality rifle stocks at affordable rates. We supply majority of the best known manufacturers and custom gunsmiths all over the world. Our guns and rifles stocks are manufactured from the finest walnut timber of over 200 years old. In the time of the war of the eighteenth century, Circassian walnut was used so extensively for gun stocks that even at that very early date, supply couldn’t meet up with demands.

Every single gunsmith on the planet esteems the incredible fine grain, durability, hardness, elegance and machining features associated with this wood. No other timber tree has actually been exploited more than the Circassian walnut and also the demand for it has constantly become greater than the available supply. Circassian walnut produces one of the best acknowledged and most valuable cabinet woods on the American and European markets. This is certainly the king of rifle and gun woods. It is well known as the bench mark for guns stocks with its stunning colors and graining.

When you have a rifle, you want it to be as perfect as possible, to aid and represent you anywhere you go. Your gun is more than a simple item, it’s a trustworthy companion that will never let you down, and that is why you need to opt for the best rifle stock that you can find on the market.

The quality is always chosen by the client, we can always modify it according to your needs. We can provide state of the art straight blanks with natural patterns and so on. No matter what your request is, we will always make you happy with your purchase. We even provide a special type of every gun stock, shotgun stock or rifle stock that is suitable for collectible rifles and shotguns if you need, so we can cater to the needs of any type of customer.

What makes out company different is that we use a unique type of Circassian Walnut that can be found only in Bulgaria and this walnut is better then the turkish walnut. This tree provides an impressive firmness for the body of the rifle and some unique colors that allow the gun to stand out. Our experts take care of each piece manually, grading the rifle stocks depending on certain criteria. Our stock blanks have always been used by numerous reputable gun manufacturers in the world, such as Beretta, Benelli, Perrazi, Atkin Grant and Lang, Paul & Sharon Dressels.

Our company was created with the only purpose of providing the best stock blanks in the world. All the items we create and ship are carefully inspected in order to keep the highest standard that we are so widely known for. Rest assured that our products are not only display pieces, they are suitable for regular use without a problem.

Riflestock is more than a simple gun company, we are a business that loves everything related to guns. This is our passion and we always place our heart and soul into the items that we create and ship. Be it a shop gun, rifle blanks, circassian walnut blanks or any other similar item, you can rest assured that we will always keep the high quality that has created a name for ourselves.

If you are interested in getting the best of the best rifle stocks or shotgun stocks in the world then we encourage you to contact us today. Send us all the technical details and we will ensure that you will receive the best stock blank for your gun or rifle, one that will impress everybody. We offer the best prices on the market, fast delivery and 100% satisfaction. If you want high quality blanks created manually, from the best type of Circassian Walnut, blanks that will stand out the test of time and which will also grab the eye of those persons that look at it, then definitely get in touch.

Our goal is to supply you with the best rifle stocks that can be purchased at the most affordable cost. We anticipate doing business with you.


Roman Romanov