The idea of starting a business of making rifle stock blanks came from years of hunting and a great passion for firearms. After having tried many different rifles over the years, my friends and I realized that the only way to acquire the perfect rifle stock is to make one yourself. That is how Romanov Group Ltd. was founded. That was 25 years ago, in 1989. Since then, by perfecting our skills in selection and processing Bulgarian finest Circassian walnut timber, we have evolved into a large and well-respected woodworking company. Nevertheless, the passion for firearms and woodworking that once started this story have remained just as strong to this day. Every piece of wood is carefully selected and processed into blanks of great variety and finest quality. Our blanks vary in terms of color and fine detail, but they all have one thing in common – quality.


After we have decided to start this business, choosing Circassian walnut came naturally, since “The King of gunstock wood”, as it is often referred to by stock-makers across all continents, grows in plenty in Bulgaria. Not only that, but Circassian walnut from Bulgaria is among the best and the most highly revered in the world. That comes as no surprise as the Caucasus Mountains, from where Circassian walnut originated are located just across the Black Sea from Bulgaria, so this part of the European continent was among the first where this incredible species had spread. Our company headquarters are in Sofia, whereas our industrial capacities are located in the heart of Bulgaria, in the region of Veliko Turnovo. The timber is harvested from the forests of the Balkan Mountains and the Danube Valley. After careful selection, the timber is processed into blanks and left to dry naturally.


Thanks to the great capacity of our plant, we are able to process over 1,200 cubic meters of wood every year, producing more than 40,000 blanks of all varieties. This allows us to provide blanks in all shapes, colors, and drying stage, whereas the 100-cubic-meter storage, conveniently located next to our plant is able to hold enough blanks to satisfy even the biggest orders without any delays. The fact that our storage is located just by the plant also provides you with a great opportunity to pay us a visit, have a friendly chat, take a tour of our woodworking process, and visit the storage to check our rich offer.


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