The most expensive rifles in the world and their rifle stocks

Rifles have been around for hundreds of years and they have always been used as one of the best attack weapons, as they were included in the military service ever since the Seven Years war in Europe. Originally, these wonderful weapons were used only by hunters and sharpshooters, but their accuracy and ease of use lead them to an inclusion in the military.


However, there are some rifles that simply stand out of the ordinary thanks to not only their looks, but also their price. One of the most valuable rifles in the world is the H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque Rifle that has been created a few decades ago as a token of consideration for the similarly named building that is located in Abu Dhabi. This rifle has been created after the mosque with the same name and it brings a proportion of around 50% wood, 30% metal and the rest is made out of gold inlays.

On top of that, on this rifle you will also be able to find 36 different diamonds that have numerous colors. Some might say that this rifle showcases the opulence of the Arabian leaders, but you can’t argue with the high quality of this gun. The price of this rifle is no less than $825000, a staggering price for a unique rifle. The same manufacturer has also created 100 more similar to this one, but with few precious gems, so the price is a little lower, little over $525000 and all of them with circassian walnut rifle stocks and shotgun stocks for the shotguns collection.

Another expensive rifle has a major historical significance. A Carcano rifle that has been used to assassinate JFK brings a similar value to the aforementioned ones, although this is kept safe in the National archives in Maryland. Some people value it at around close to 1 million dollars, but the historical value of this rifle prevents it to have a price tag.


Falcon Edition is also one of the worlds most expensive rifles and they have made it with rifle stocks from circassian walnut tree.

A very expensive rifle has some very interesting features, such as WI-FI support and color display, which is a very useful invention. The Tracking Point rifle allows you to shoot targets that is located  a few miles away, which is indeed very interesting. This rifle is fully made out of metal and aluminum, so it doesn’t come with any wood, since it has a shotgun stock made out of other materials. Its price is lower than the one of the rifles presented above, but it still amasses around $27,500.

However, most of us will use the normal rifles, which are just a few hundred dollars, since the ones presented here are mostly used either for decoration or military use. Even so, knowing that some weapons are so expensive is very interesting to say the least.