Start of the hunting season with the proper rifle and new rifle stock

The hunting season has started recently and with it the adventure of a lifetime. Be it deer, hogs or other wild animals, it’s safe to say that the upcoming hunting season is full of surprises. If you want to be the best hunter out there, then this hunting season you should try and hunt bears.banner- statia

These large predators are very smart and they will certainly pose a great threat. This is what makes the hunt really intense, especially the fact that you can feel the danger at all times, lurking from everywhere.


Any good hunter needs a reliable rifle stock as well as a good shotgun stock in order to have even the slightest advantage against a bear. Having a gun stock is essential if you want to increase your accuracy when hunting. The best option in this regard is to opt for a walnut stock as this brings you the accuracy you need, as well as a great design and a collectibility value for the gun as well.

Selecting the gun and stock is only part of the fun. Once you plan the hunting route, you will be standing with other hunters in the middle of the forest, trying to target any bears. The best thing here is to follow the food source as this is where you will encounter bears most of the time, as they do need to feed from time to time.

Some bears forage for plants, others eat salmons, so depending on the bear species in your area you should have a good understanding in regards to where the bears might be.

However, the bears won’t come to you that easily, and this is why you need to use wounded game calls and bait as the best way to draw it into the area where you and the other hunters are located. A good tip is to use burnt sugar as well as lard baits as these are very effective for drawing bears towards you.

Running the bears with hounds is essential if you want to tire them and make the whole hunt a lot easier to perform. Next, the shooting phase sets in, and this is where you need to put your gun stock to good use. Use the rifle stock as a stand and try to get the bear in your sights. The last step requires you to press the trigger and kill the bear. A good place to shoot it is after its ear, as this will kill it instantly since it will reach its brain.

Hunting a bear can be quite exhausting without the proper tools, but with a good rifle/shotgun and a good rifle stock you can easily defeat the mighty bear and add it to your prized collection of trophies.