How rare is rare?

In order for your shotgun to be rare you need to have an impressive, amazing stock that will transform your gun into a true collectible. There are multiple types of wood that can be used for the stock, but it’s safe to say that a rare stock is very hard to find. For example, when you cut down trees, only 5 % are exibitional walnut stocks, with the rest having medium or low quality. Shotgun stocks, buttstocks, pistol stocks and rifle stocks need to have a state of the art quality if you want to brag with their uniqueness and collectability.

A rare stock can be used on just about any type of weapon, be it a gun, shotgun, pistol, rifle. All of them need to be treated with extra care. Be it a thumbhole stock, mannlicher stock,sniper rifle stocks, pistol grip shotguns, borderlands sniper rifle stock, pistol grip shotguns, all of them need require a great stock in order to stand out.

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The rarest and most precious type of rifle blank is the Circassian Walnut. This can be found only in Bulgaria and Turkey and it’s prized for the high quality that it provides, as well as the color variations. One of the rarest types of Circassian Walnut is the Juglans Walnut. This has nice colors and it’s quite rare even in the Eastern Europe where there are lots of Walnut trees. You can find it in about 0.2% of cases, which makes it one of the rarest stock blanks on the planet. Due to its rarity, this type of blank is also quite expensive, but the quality is well worth the price, especially if the gun is a collectible and not meant to be shot.

American black walnut is one of the most popular types of stocks, but it’s not that rare, you can find it in a lot of places all over the US. However, the English walnut is a little rarer, even though it doesn’t really keep the aspect of the Circassian Wlanut. Additionally, we have other types of stocks as well, made out of Paradox Walnut, Bastogne Walnut , Black Walnut , American Walnut, Claro Walnut , Mrytle, Maple and so on. These aren’t that rare, they are actually quite common but they do offer a lot of uniqueness to the rifle or the gun you are placing it on. In the end, it comes down to choose the one you want, but if you need a rare one, you should try to use the Circassian Birdseye Burl Walnut. This is indeed rare and widely collectible, which means that a lot of people would be proud to integrate it into their gun.

Bulgarian Circassian Walnut is a great and rare material for your gun stock. Its rarity is due to the fact that it is the father of all types of walnut. People from all over the world are amazed at the shear amount of detail that can be found in this simple wood type, and that is surely one of the main reasons why the stock has become so collectible in the first place.

It doesn’t matter the end product you are going to use it on, but if you want rare blank guns, rifle stocks, rifle stock blanks, wood rifle stocks, walnut gun stocks, wood, gun, rifle, stock, black walnut, stock blanks, gun stock, rifle stock blank, walnut gun stock then you have to search a lot and document yourself before pulling the trigger.

Having a rare stock blank for your weapon will make it a lot more unique and collectible, so the price will go up in value tremendously. The rare stock blanks are suitable for collectible weapons, but also for guns that are meant to be shot. It gives them the right patina, makes them look a lot more cool and interesting than you might expect and, of course, raises the value. Only good things can come out of purchasing a rare stock blank, so if you want to make your gun even more collectible and increase its value, then purchasing a rare stock blank is exactly what you need to do.

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