When we speak about quality woods what we must know

When we talk about the most desired wood for rifle stocks or gun stocks, it’s safe to say that the most desirable is walnut. But there are numerous other types of wood which can be used for gun stocks that share the same functionality. English Walnut is by far one of the most popular types of wood for gun blanks and rifle stocks . It has a visual interest that combines marbling with dark mineral lines, offering a distinct, yet very professional look.

Black Walnut, also known as claro walnut is a lot more colorful if you compare it to the English walnut. What makes it different is that it’s harder and when you plane it, it makes some short broken curls. This adds a lot to the overall patina, but it’s surely impressive and amazing in its own right. It brings different patterns like fiddle and burled which make it look quite unique.

Myrtle is also used for rifle stocks, even though it’s not as popular as the walnut. It’s a tree that grows slow so it can be hard to get hold of such a stock, but it does come with a large number of wood patterns, such as burl, spalted, tiger and fiddleback.


Circassian Walnut is one of the favorites due to its high quality. This type of walnut can be found only in remote areas such as Turkey, Bulgaria and Russian Georgia. The trees are cut down when they are very old, because that’s when they offer the best material for creating exceptional stocks. A lot of rifle stocks that are sold today are using the English Walnut that grows in the US, but the Circassian Walnut blanks are a lot more rare and collectible. Lots of professionals talk about this walnut as being the finest material in the world for creating wood stocks and to no avail, since it brings a tight grain and beautiful colors that make it one of the best collectibles.  A rare, yet exquisite tree, it provides the best stocks that you can find on the market. It’s unique and brings one of the most impressive rifle stocks on the market, this is the reason why it’s widely found in private collections all over the world.

Maple is also used for rifle stocks. It’s by no means rare, but it does add a lot of value for people that want to add raised carvings on the gun stock. One of the best stocks out of maple is actually made out of sugar maple. Thanks to the unique design, this type of stock is very easy to handle and it provides a great accuracy which might be a plus for some people.

Of course, those that attract the attention the most are the different types of walnut that are thought of as exotic, which basically can be found in remote places of the world, are rare so they bring the best value. These are for example the Bastogne stock, the Bubinga rosewood, black cherry, screwbean mesquite and many, many others.

You can also purchase laminated stocks, these are made out of polyester and they are cheaper. Of course, these are great for those guns that you want to fire, not showcase.

The best type of wood which you can make a stock out of is the Bolkans Walnut. What makes this walnut really impressive is that it’s the father of the Circassian Walnut. Usually these are old trees with a very unique quality that you will definitely appreciate and enjoy. As you might expect, is very collectible and quite expensive, but well worth it.


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The Circassian Walnut remains the best type of wood for gun stocks and rifle stocks thanks to its amazing features. Things like the 32 lines to-the-inch checkering and impressive texture are what the gun professionals are always looking for. A lot of them told that Circassian Walnut Blanks are some of the finest grade stocks in the world because they keep a dark smoky grain on all regions of the stock. This is one of those things that make the Circassian Walnut one of a kind, and that is why you need to purchase such a stock today!

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