When the time have come to change our rifle or gun stocks and why ?

Gun stocks can be changed really often if you want, or it can last you forever. Stock blanks can’t be destroyed that easy, but at some point they need to be change due to certain reasons. One of the most important reasons is that you want to sell the gun and the buyer doesn’t like the length of the stock or you just want to adjust the length as well as height for yourself.

The size of the stock does come with some intriguing statistics. First of all, you need to ensure that the stock isn’t that long that is difficult to mount, because it will feel uncomfortable and you don’t want that. Additionally, it will impede swing and that can prove to be catastrophic when you want to shoot accurately.

Being too short will also be a problem for a stock because it will increase the felt recoil and thus it will reduce pointability. However, when compared to a longer stock, the shorter one does give a little more precision, which is quite important when you want to shoot.

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However, when you think about the length of the stock you also have to think about the type of clothing you are going to wear. Since you are going to wear different type of clothing in the summer when compared to the winter for example, the stock will remain the same. This is why you need to ensure that the stock is a little longer than you might need, especially if you plan on going with a very short stock.

One of the best ways to find the greatest stock length is to find a gap of around 1 or 2 fingers between the tip of the nose and the base of the thumb where the gun is mounted in the horizontal plane. This simple yet very efficient trick will help you quite a lot in determining the stock length without any hassle.

Arm length is another crucial piece of information you need when starting to think about the stock length. The longer the arms, the longer the stock should be. A short stock for such people would be just very hard to handle and the accuracy will have to suffer a lot.

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One of the major problems that can be encountered with a gun stock is that it can crack from numerous reasons, be it pressure, poor quality, negligence and weather. These entire combined can really hurt the value tremendously, and that is why you need to ensure that your gun and its stock are protected from any type of problem.

The rifle stock can easily lose its color and patina over the years, but in order to ensure that you restore it to the former glory you can do something about it. It requires sanding and cleaning it up, then refinishing it with a little oil/stain. In the end you will have a rifle that will look like new.

Additionally, the stock can be misaligned and that will not only be very dangerous, but it will also make you lose a lot of accuracy which in the end can prove to be fatal. This is why you need to solve the problem immediately by aligning the stock to its normal position.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons why you should change the stock or at least inspect it from time to time. Be it safety or an uneven length, these can easily impact the accuracy of your rifle.

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