walnut stock blank for rifle 03-029

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This Circassian walnut rifle stock blank is naturally air-dried for a period of 11 years , it is ready for work with humidity of 8-12 %. It is cut from a very old Circassian walnut tree and is air dried very slowly. When we take the photos we wet the blank for better view of wood characteristics. Please check the size of the walnut stock under the tab Additional Information.

walnut_stock_blanks_for_guns_and_rifles-1065 walnut_stock_blanks_for_guns_and_rifles-1068 walnut_stock_blanks_for_guns_and_rifles-1070 walnut_stock_blanks_for_guns_and_rifles-1071 walnut_stock_blanks_for_guns_and_rifles-1073 walnut_stock_blanks_for_guns_and_rifles-1075

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